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Nothing beats engaging real users and expertise throughout development to ensure that the product you’re building is what the user needs and can effectively and enjoyably use. 

Usability testing “early and often” is ideal to inform design direction & details, particularly for new technologies.  However, even if you are already well on your way in the development process, your product or service can still benefit from eliciting systematic feedback from your users!

Usable Solutions is skilled at adapting evaluation to any stage in product development, from back of the napkin concepts and early prototypes through high fidelity prototypes or products already in the marketplace.

Evaluations can be conducted in lab, simulated, or field environments.

At the end of the design evaluation, you’re not just left hanging with a list of problems.  Usable Solutions provides specific, practical design solutions for making your product or concept a success!



Engage users and expertise along the way to inform great design…

Types of Usability Evaluations

We offer many types of usability evaluation, depending upon what makes the most sense for your design questions at hand and resources…​​

  • Iterative design-test

  • Formative testing

  • Summative testing (validation for FDA-regulated products for safe and effective use)

  • “Quick & dirty” testing 

  • Remote testing

  • Competitive evaluation

  • Design walkthroughs

  • Heuristic Evaluation

  • Preference testing

  • Procurement evaluation

  • And more…


Phases of Testing

We handle all phases of the testing, from soup to nuts…

  • Test planning

  • Protocol development

  • Field management / Participant recruitment

  • Moderation

  • Data analysis

  • Design recommendations

  • Reporting


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